If you need to dispose of large volumes of garbage in a minimal space, our self-contained compactors, or breakaway compactors, are the perfect solution. We offer several kinds of compactors great for anything from mixed solid and food waste, to paper and cardboard waste. These high-powered hydraulic compactors compress your garbage to one fourth of original space. Ranging in sizes of 4 yard, 6 yard and 8 yards, our large self-contained compactors are ideal for factories, grocery stores, apartment complexes, shopping malls and more.

Small Space and Large Volume

For limited space and high garbage volume, our front loading compactors are the perfect solution. Easily situated in small areas, front loading compactors are well suited for restaurants or apartment complexes, providing a reduced-odor alternative to the typical front loading dumpster.

Compactors Make it Easy

You fill it up, the compactor does the work, and we haul it away –easy as that. Servicing your self-contained compactor can be as frequent as twice a week depending on your volume. Our self-contained compactors are highly durable, reliable and safe.

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